Our story


Ioannis Podaras began his career in hoisting and rigging in 1958 and founded the company “Podaras Cranes and Transport” (PCT) in 1970. The company continues today, focusing on the rental of mobile cranes, as well as the fulfillment of specialized transport and custom maintenance of mechanical installations.

With safety as the core company value, augmented by professional staff and reliable and regularly-upgraded equipment, PCT offers our customers wide-ranging services and integrated solutions.

The company employs eight specialized staff and operators who are professionally licensed in compliance with all applicable laws.

The PCT equipment presented in our website is in excellent condition, insured, and fully certified. The expertise and professionalism PCT brings to this business has developed over time and through a long series of successfully completed operations. Our philosophy has shaped our identity and solid reputation, and is based on two inviolable principles in each of our operations:


With kind regards,

Lucas I. Podaras